Audio Mixers

                      Yamaha MC-7
                      Yamaha LS-9
                      Yamaha O1V
                      Digi-Design Profile / Mix Rack
                      Digi-Design SC-48
                      PreSonus Studio Live 24.4.2
                      Behringer X-32

              Power Amps

                      Crown I-Tech 8000
                      Crown I-Tech 6000
                      Crown XTI-6002
                      Crown XTI-4000
                      Crown CE-4000


                      JBL Vertec 4889
                      JBL Vertec 4887
                      JBL Vertec 4880
                      JBL SRX 728
                      JBL SRX 712M
                      DB Technologies T-4


                      EV X-Array 15
                      EAW SM-122H
                     JBL SRX 712M

             Speaker Cabling

All FOH and monitor speaker systems and amp racks use the Neutrik
Speak-On series of positive locking, multi-pin connectors for faster
setups and reliable connections.

     AUDIO SHOP - Miscellaneous

Microphones and related items:  
Pro Audio Systems, Inc maintains a good selection of popular
microphones, including Shure SM-58, SM-57, Beta 58a; SM-86, Beta
56, Beta 52, Beta 91, SM-81; AKG D-112, C-391, D-190; Audio
Technica ATM-35, AT853a hanging mics, PRO-49 series lectern
mics; Beyerdynamic M-69, M-380, TGX-80, and TGX-50; CAD
E-100; Electrovoice RE-16, RE-11, PL95, RE-20; Oktava MC-012
and 219; Sennheiser MD-421, MD-504; EW-135 Wireless hand-held,
EW-135 bodypacks/Countryman B-3 mics.
DI boxes include Countryman FET-85, EWI LDB-101, Rapco and
Whirlwind passives.


54x300 w/50' monitor whip, Ramtech splitter w/CPC subsnakes,
3doghouse fanouts; 12x250' drive snake w/ FOH power
40x250' w/75' monitor whip, transformer iso splitter; 3 doghouse
fanouts, 12x250' drive snake w/ FOH power
32x8x250' on RamLatch mults, transformer iso split, 50' monitor
whip, 2 fanouts
32x6x250' on Elco mults, transformer iso split, 50' monitor whip, 2
24x4x150' passive split snake w/50' monitor whip; 24x3x150' (no
splits); and a variety of 20' to 75' 6-20 channel sub snakes for stage
wiring.  We also keep a number of long-length, single piece mic
cables from 100' to 1000' for signal distribution and intercom usage
Pro Audio Systems, Inc .
2608 North Market St.  Wichita, KS. 67219